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The Groups tab is where the administrator can create and edit groups in their organization. Groups can be used as a way of group communication for group conversations and meetings. Invited people from the Admin Portal can have a group associated with the invite that is sent to them (see article) to immediately add them to the associated group upon accepting the invite. Users in your organization can also create groups (depending on their user permissions) from inside the Lochbox application and can be then administered and edited from the Admin Portal by the organizations administrator(s). Groups will be seen in the organizations ‘Connections’ tab inside the Lochbox application.


Create a Group

1. Click on the ‘Create Group’ button


2. Enter a group name, group description (optional) and a group image (optional). The name, description and group image if included, will be seen by every user in the organization that has permissions to see the organization's contacts.



3. Click + to add 'Group Members’ and select the users intended to be in the group



4. Click + to add 'Group Owner(s)' and select the user(s) intended to be the ‘owner’ of the group (the ‘Group Owner’, if not an administrator, has rights and the ability to edit the Group from inside the Lochbox application):


*insert screenshot


5. Click ‘Submit' to create the group



Edit a Group


1. From the Group tab, click on an existing group in the Group list:



2. Make the changes to the group and 'Submit'

Delete a Group


1. Select the box next to the intended group(s)


2. Click ‘Delete’ in the upper left hand corner



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